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Voice & Data Carrier Services

Dynamic helps you with more Voice/Data options...

Century Business Technologies - Dynamic Division has entered into voice/data solution provider partnerships to better help our customers with their phone lines, internet bandwidth, network connectivity and long distance services. We will take your bills and research with those companies servicing your area and find the best solutions and value so you can select the proposal that best meets your needs!

Traditional Voice Services

These services are mature and everyone has used them in their business. There is still a place for TDM services in business and our experienced staff can show you how to take advantage of feature packages and pricing promotions for your local and long distance needs.

SIP Services

We can also help you negotiate business quotes with: AT+T, Charter, Comcast, Cox, SureWest, Time Warner, and Midco.

SIP Trunks are a scalable solution that enables the origination and termination of local voice and dedicated long-distance, as well as domestic and international toll-free service across a streamlined data connection. SIP Trunk gives you the security and reliability of MPLS while making the most of your current infrastructure to provide high quality voice services.

  1. SIP reduces cost by combining voice and data on a single circuit.
  2. Most SIP products come with long distance minutes included.
  3. Most SIP services can utilize equipment you already have.
  4. SIP allows you to use virtual telephone numbers giving your business a local presence in any U.S. market.

Internet, MPLS, Optical Networking


In recent years businesses have seen a jump in bandwidth requirements. However, upgrading your current bandwidth has not been as cost effective as you may have wanted. With the advent of fiber to the curb and other initiatives, the major telecom carriers have finally caught up to those needs. The newest cost effective technology is Ethernet with bandwidth options ranging from 2 Mbps to 10 Gigabit. In many cases, businesses can expect to more than 5 times their bandwidth for cost similar to what they are paying today.


For Companies with multiple locations the use of MPLS technology has been available for years. Recently, access types such as Ethernet, Broadband and 4G LTE wireless have been incorporated. This allows MPLS to be a more affordable option for all multiple location businesses. With the addition of cloud and hosting services, a fully robust and diverse infrastructure can be achieved.

Next Generation Optical Networks

Your network is the life blood of your business. It should not only be efficient, but it should be resilient. We can design a next generation optical network with virtually 100% up time keeping your business going. The advantages of these networks include, increased bandwidth, easier upgrades, fewer outages, and much better per Mb pricing.

Free Phone Bill Analysis

Are you aware that you may be overspending on your telecommunication bills?

If you're like many other companies, controlling communication costs has become increasingly difficult in the face of complex technologies and choices along with a lack of resources and tools. Numerous studies in recent years have found that many telecom invoices include unnecessary services and cost inefficiencies, including locations and services with sub-optimal pricing plans.

To learn how Century Dynamic Technology Solutions can reduce your telecom costs and improve productivity, take advantage of our free telecom savings assessment. We'll get to know your business first—your needs and goals—and review your current invoices and configuration. Armed with that valuable data, we'll benchmark our own services against what you are doing today and see how we can save your business money and increase your productivity.

Call us today for a complimentary bill review by our staff. It is free to you and will show how much you could save! We compare pricing between different carriers to get you the best value at the right price. Call today 785-354-7000. Let us use our experience in Voice/Data Solutions to work for you.

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