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"What is DynamiCare Secure Mail Encryption?"

DSM Encryption is a feature of Century Dynamic's current Secure Mail product. It gives our clients the ability to send sensitive infomation securely through email without the risk of regulatory fines, lawsuits, negative PR and a loss of company intellectual property.

"How secure is DSM Encryption?"

DSM Encryption uses a solution that is hosted and maintained in SysTrust-Certified and SAS-70 type II accredidated DataCenters.

"How does my email get encrypted?"

"DSM Encryption works by using 2 methods?"

  • The first method a client can send an encrypted email is by using "Force Phrases". Force Phrases are simple words and phrases that tells the DSM Encryption system to encrypt the email no matter what the content.
  • The second method is a Policy-Based encryption. When a DSM Encryption subscriber sends an email with sensitive information within the email, the DSM Encryption system recognizes that information and encrypts the email automatically. Some of the different policies are Social Security Numbers, HIPAA related content, and credit card information. For a list of the other policies that DSM Encryption can use, email us at
  • "How do my recipients read the encrypted email?"

    Recipients who receive an email that has been encypted using DSM Encryption will receive a notification email that they have been sent an encrypted email from you. They are then directed to a website that will allow them to create an account using their existing email address and a password. From there they can read your email message and even reply using the same system.

    "How can I sign up for DSM Encryption?"

    All you need to do is to email us with your request at and we will get back with you as soon as we can to discuss if DSM Encryption is right for you!